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Oak Class

Welcome to Year 6 Oak Class! I have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming you over the past week and I can already tell that all of us are going to make an amazing team. Mrs Townsend and I have made a short video summarising our learning for this term and I have also included another video to show you how to log on to Google Classroom if you are struggling.






Blog Entry 19/09/2023

It has been lovely watching the children work hard in class over the course of the two and a half weeks that they have been back in school. Coming into Year 6 can be a big change for the children, however they have all shown resilience and independence when talking this change head on. 

We have been working hard across all subjects, ensuring that our work is completed to the best of our ability. Please see some examples of what we have been doing below:


In maths we have been working on refining our knowledge of number and place value to provide us with a solid foundation of learning that will help us to tackle more complex mathematical concepts and problems as the year progresses. All of the children in the class have worked hard to ensure that they have a deep knowledge of this topic and are often completing extension activities that challenge them beyond their age related expectations for Year 6!

 Alex and Gia - Maths Work


In our reading and writing lessons, we have been looking at our core text for this term - Letters from the Lighthouse. The children have been busy making links and trying to uncover the mystery of Sukie's disappearance and the secret coded messages she has left behind for her sister who has been evacuated to a very strange place indeed... This has sparked many inspiring conversations amongst the class in which they have been delving deep into the plot and characters to try and uncover the mysteries surrounding the story. This has extended into their writing lessons as they have begun to construct beautiful narratives based around Chapter 1 of the book. The children have challenged themselves in experimenting with vocabulary and grammatical features to really create an impact on their readers!

Helen and Lilly - Letters from the Lighthouse Narrative


Our History topic this term is WW2 and the Rise of Nazi Germany. So far, the children have learned about Hitler's rise to power and how he manipulated the situation in Germany to provide him with the greatest amount of power he could possibly acquire! It has been really lovely to listen to the children have such insightful conversations about the morality and ethics of Hitler's rise to power and recognise how this can relate to some of the modern day situations that they are witnessing in the news. 

Dhanvi and Alaina - History Work


Our science topic this term is 'Animals Including Humans' and the children have discovered many new facts about their own bodies! We were shocked to discover that the rhythmic thud of our heart is actually the chambers in our heart opening and closing to let our blood pass through properly! The children have also taken part in a practical experiment to show how the blood flows through each of these chambers without escaping out... even though a couple of us managed to get trapped in these 'chambers' during the lesson!

Harper and Cece - Science Work


The children have taken part in their first mock SATS week and shown extreme courage, determination and resilience throughout. They should be incredibly proud of the hard work and focus they put into these tests - and their results definitely reflect this! 

I would like to end by saying a massive congratulations to the children for coming back to school and hitting the ground running with such  resolution - Mrs Gosling and I are very much looking forward to the year ahead!


Blog Entry 20/10/2023

As we close the chapter on the first half term of the academic year, I find myself overwhelmed with a sense of pride and gratitude. The Year 6 students have embarked on their final year of primary school with unwavering determination, remarkable focus, and an impressive level of maturity. This blog post is dedicated to celebrating their exceptional transition into the year group and the inspiring qualities they've displayed throughout this period.

Smooth Transition, Unwavering Resilience

The transition from Year 5 to Year 6 can be a challenging one, marked by increased academic rigor and responsibilities. However, our Year 6 students have tackled this transition with grace and resilience. From the very beginning, it was evident that they were ready to embrace the challenges and seize every opportunity to learn and grow.

The students adapted quickly to their new schedules and classroom environments, showcasing an impressive level of maturity. Their resilience has shone through, whether it's navigating complex mathematical concepts, diving into in-depth research for their projects, or showing excellent organisational skills in managing their time effectively. It's heart warming to see how they've embraced the changes and continue to thrive.

A Remarkable Display of Focus

One of the standout qualities of our Year 6 students this half term has been their remarkable focus. With the anticipation of SATs and the impending transition to secondary school, it's essential for them to stay on track and dedicated to their studies. I am pleased to report that they have exceeded expectations in this regard.

The students' unwavering focus is evident in their daily tasks and their commitment to improving their skills and knowledge. They've approached each lesson with enthusiasm, eager to absorb all they can. Their participation in class discussions, attention to detail, and willingness to seek clarification when needed are truly commendable.

Drive for Success

Year 6 has also seen the emergence of a remarkable drive for success among our students. They've set personal goals, both academically and socially, and are committed to achieving them. Their ambitions, coupled with their hard work, are shaping them into young individuals who are not only equipped for the challenges ahead but ready to embrace them with open arms.

The commitment to success is also reflected in their extracurricular activities and contributions to the school community. Many students have taken on leadership roles, demonstrated excellent teamwork, and contributed to making our school a better place.


As we reflect on the first half term of Year 6, it is abundantly clear that our students have made an exceptional start to their final year of primary school. Their smooth transition, unwavering resilience, focus, and drive for success have left a lasting impression on all of us.

I am immensely proud of each and every one of our Year 6 students and look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead. Their accomplishments so far are a testament to their potential, and I have no doubt that they will continue to excel and make their mark in the coming months. With such a determined, focused, and driven group of students, the future is undoubtedly bright for Year 6, and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of this incredible journey.


Blog Entry 20/11/2023

It's time for another exciting update on the fantastic learning adventures taking place in Year 6 Oak Class! Our students have been working diligently across various subjects, immersing themselves in the world of fractions, historical events, and scientific wonders.

Mathematics Marvels: Mastering Fractions

In the realm of mathematics, our Year 6 students have been diving deep into the fascinating world of fractions. From understanding the basics to mastering complex concepts, our young mathematicians have been working diligently to build a solid foundation in this essential mathematical skill. Whether it's adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing fractions, our class has embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and a determination to conquer the world of numbers.

Historical Journeys: Letters from the Past

In the realm of writing, our students have embarked on a poignant journey back in time to World War II. Through immersive lessons, they've crafted heartfelt letters home from a soldier's perspective, capturing the emotions and experiences of those who served during this pivotal moment in history. This project has not only honed their writing skills but has also allowed them to empathize with the challenges faced by soldiers and their families during wartime.

Unravelling the Past: The Rise of Hitler and Our Class Assembly

History has come alive in Year 6 as we delved into the rise of Hitler and the atrocities committed during World War II. Our students took the lessons learned to heart and translated them into a powerful class assembly aimed at educating others about this dark period in history. The assembly focused on raising awareness about the importance of preventing such atrocities from happening again and instilling a sense of responsibility in the younger generation to be agents of positive change.

Scientific Explorations: Classification and Trailblazing Scientists

Switching gears to science, our curious minds have been exploring the wonders of classification. From understanding the intricacies of taxonomy to delving into the ground breaking work of scientists like Charles Darwin and Carl Linnaeus, our Year 6 students have been captivated by the marvels of the natural world. Hands-on experiments and engaging discussions have brought scientific concepts to life, fostering a love for exploration and discovery.

London Docklands Museum Adventure: A Journey Through Time

Adding a touch of excitement to our historical studies, our Year 6 students recently embarked on a school trip to the London Docklands Museum. The WW2 galleries proved to be a treasure trove of information, allowing our students to connect their classroom learning with real-world artifacts and immersive exhibits. The trip was not only educational but also a whole lot of fun, with our students eagerly exploring the museum's captivating displays.

As we reflect on the enriching experiences and accomplishments of Year 6 Oak Class, we're filled with pride for the hard work and dedication our students have demonstrated across subjects. From mastering fractions to crafting heartfelt letters, unravelling historical mysteries, and exploring the wonders of science, Year 6 is truly a time of growth, discovery, and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting journey through the academic year. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our students' education.