Birkbeck Primary School

Healthy Eating

School meals in Bexley are healthy, tasty, social and fun. Your child’s meals are freshly prepared each day by Harrison Catering Services using high quality ingredients which provide the right amount of energy to ensure that children can work better in the afternoons. School meals are provided daily and there are three rotating menus for the children to choose from.

Meat and vegetarian options are available, we are able to cater for children who have dietary requirements and includes cultural or allergy and intolerance diets.

If you choose a packed lunch option, please ensure that your child is able to peel and slice fruit, for instance. If your child is not able to do so him / herself, please help by preparing this food in advance.

The School is committed to the Government's Healthy Schools campaign. We try to encourage the children to understand the value of healthy food. We also run a scheme which prohibits sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks in lunchboxes. Please do not add such items to your child’s lunch as it is not only not healthy for them, it is also unfair on those children not receiving such items. Fizzy drinks or glass containers are not allowed.

Please make sure lunchboxes and snacks are clearly labelled and that your child knows what is for playtime (snack) and what is the main meal (lunchbox).

Please find below link to the NHS Change4Life website, they are there to help you and your family be healthier and happier. There is a wealth of information on Easy ways to eat well and move more!  If you sign up you will received regular email featuring top healthy eating tips, quick and easy family recipes, fun activities for kids, offers and lots more!